"I will forever feel a lifetime of Thanks and Gratitude to Dr. Hariharan and his staff for giving me my life back.

I had suffered for years with rapid and irregular heart rhythm and had seen many doctors. My cardiologist referred me to Dr. Hariharan, for electrophysiology study. Dr. Hariharan did some testing and shortly after Hurricane Ike in 2008, he said “I know what is wrong with your heart, and I can fix it.” So…four days later, on a Monday morning, I went in for the procedure, “CARDIAC ABLATION SURGERY.”

It sounds scary but let me tell you this procedure saved me and restored my quality of life. I had absolutely no Fear because I knew that I had the best surgeon and God on my side. I knew immediately after waking up in recovery that my wonderful heart, was restored to normal and that my life would be enjoyable once again.

Recovery was quick and each day when I awoke, I felt thankful for my skilled surgeon, Dr. Hariharan, and his staff. I experienced very little pain from the incision sight and felt like a new person within a week.

Here I am a year later and still doing great. I have an occasional flutter and racing but nothing like before. About 6 months prior to the surgery, I was lucky if I had one good day a month. Now I might have 5 or 10 minutes bad every other month. What a difference cardiac ablation surgery has made in my life. I am able to do things that I was unable to enjoy for years, i.e. yard work, walking and playing with my dogs, and just relaxing without that constant flutter and racing.

Life is Great and my heart is Golden.

If you are faced with this procedure, have no fear, go for it, and afterward enjoy the beauty of each new day. I can never find the words to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Hariharan for listening to me, finding the problem, and then fix ing it.

From the bottom of “my perfectly beating heart,”

Thank You,
Allison K.

Dr. Hariharan actually cared about what was going on. His experience and knowledge of his field was immediately evident and he really put my mind at ease. I cannot recommend EP HEART strongly enough. If anyone is needing to make important decisions about their heart health. I would definitely recommend EP HEART & Dr. Hariharan.

Bill F.

Dear Dr. Hariharan,

Thank you so much for tending to my friend, Sandy Borgrink, your long-distance New Mexico patient. With Sandy's history of open-heart surgery and ablations, she felt there would be little chance of even seeing you, let alone your taking her on as a patient. Well, you did and under your care she is thriving, even golfing a couple of times a week. This is a far cry from last year at this time, when she was having trouble just walking across a room. Her primary care physician, Dr. Margret Royson, was really impressed and happy for Sandy.

We are all grateful to you and your caring staff. See you in October.

Lois Fleck

Twenty-five years ago I had my mitral valve replace with a mechanical valve. For the first 20 years afterwards all was going well. Then I started going into Atrial Fibrillation every 6 months and would have to be cardioverted. Last year my frequency for Atrial Fibrillation got shorter and shorter and I was going under the paddles every couple months. My cardiologist recommended that I speak with Dr. Hariharan about a heart ablation. After discussing the pros and cons and risks with Dr. Hariharan I decided to have the ablation. This would be Dr. Hariharan’s second ablation with someone that had a mechanical mitral valve. It was going to be a risky surgery, but I knew Dr. Hariharan was the best in his field.

The surgery went fine, but I had some complications unrelated to the ablation and things took a turn for the worse. Dr. Hariharan stayed with me all night and through the early part of the next day making sure I was going to be OK. I owe my life to him. After getting out of the hospital and going through rehabilitation, I feel better today than I have in my entire life. My heart has been in sinus rhythm for the past 4 months, I have lost weight, I finally enjoy life again and without the experience and personal touch by Dr. Hariharan, I am not sure where I would be right now, but I am sure it would be a whole lot worse.

Thank you Dr. H.


Doug Ward